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One of our past babies: "Molly"

Owned and adored by Ann- Newport, RI

Molly was featured in the 2014 Cav Life Calendar (May)

She was also recently featured in the Newport Daily News (RI)


Dog breeding can have a lot of gray areas.  When you have lines you want to continue it requires holding back dogs which can result in many generations.  This is really unfair to the dogs too as they're not getting the individual attention they would receive as if they were living in a "pet" home.  Operating a kennel and placing dogs as they age is an unfortunate reality for many breeders and the dogs in their programs.  Although we strived to give our dogs constant attention, retiring dogs never sat well with us.  We would have one or two litters and retire female dogs very young.  Although young, we became attached and the last retirement was so emotionally difficult for everyone we decided that we had to implement a new policy.  After much consideration we came up with a program that was a winning situation for all involved.  We do not have all of our dogs on site and do not operate a kennel.  We place lines we deem desirable with family,  friends and past clients but maintain the right to breed them.  This is why we have access to up to four generations depending on the breeding.  We're grateful to these families because it makes it possible for us to conduct a humane operation.  Our breeding protocol allows the dogs to live their lives as pets while allowing us the option of continuing lines that we've worked with for years.  This ensures that suitable lines are continued without compromising the dogs comfort and contentment, and gives them the life they so very much deserve.

The dogs in this program are placed free of charge with the right to breed during the course of his/her life.  Females are on a specified number of litters contract and males are on annual contracts as it is not the same investment of pregnancy and whelp.  They come back to us once a year to be bred.  If pregnant, they return to whelp and raise those puppies with us in our home. Once the litter is raised, the parent dog returns to their home and the puppies are placed with loving families. We have found this to be the most indefectible breeding model to preserve our lines, avoid "retirement" re-homing with old age and ensure a life of  happiness and permanency.

Dogs in the above program are placed free of charge.  This program is a "perk" available only to past clients and is a completely different and separate arrangement from a client coming to purchase a puppy.  People purchasing a puppy are not part of this agreement or required to breed to breed their dog or report back to us for breeding purposes at any time.

We have been pioneers in this breeding standard and hope all breeders will adopt a similar prototype.  We have been active with the breed with puppies, approved stud service and rescue for over 25 years and offer a FIVE year health guarantee on all placements because of the confidence we have in our lines.

If you have any questions or comments you are welcome to contact us at any time:
Phone: 401-213-6333 * Email: [email protected]