Royal Flush Cavaliers



It has recently come to our attention that there are ads on Facebook claiming to be Royal Flush Cavaliers, offering puppies for sale at ridiculous prices.  These are NOT our ads and we encourage anyone who has been a victim of these scammers or sees these ads to report them.  We are not sure why these people have used our name, but they are using the wording from our WordPress page that we posted from 2014-2017 with photos stolen from yet another breeder - samples are below.  How they stumbled across our ad still baffles us.

We have been in operation for 28 years and have never blindly shipped a puppy.
- We enjoy meeting our clients when they come to pick their puppy up.

We would never ask anyone to text only.
- We encourage people to call or email us with any questions.

We would never have anyone wire money or use Western Union.
- These should be immediate red flags to any online buyer.

The fraudulent ads you are seeing originate in West Africa.  This is why they have victims wire funds via Western Union.  It is also why they have you "text only" because if you spoke with them you would hear their accent and know right away that you are not dealing with a local breeder.  Their phone numbers are Google Voice numbers that they dump when they are done running their scam.  They simply get a new number and start again.

If you have been scammed we encourage you to do the following:

- File a police report
- Notify your bank or credit card company
- Notify Facebook of the scam ad
- Report it to your local FBI office
- Report it to your state Attorney Generals office
- Report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center - link below:

Below is one sample of the fraudulent ads they are posting on Facebook (shown on 6/24/2018)
Please note that we have REPEATEDLY reported this to Facebook and they just keep re-posting it:

Below is a screenshot of our actual copyrighted WordPress page that they stole from - posted 2014-2017: